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About Us

OUR ETHOS POEM- Natural is nice, Organic Devine, Low textile chemicals on sweet baby of mine, Low impact processes on our natural world, Local Production, more jobs will unfold. This is the essence of our SHP,Come join the natural pathway with me. ENVIRONMENTAL QUOTE from my lovely customer Kristy- "Through taking the time to be aware of the consequences of our actions we can aim for one simple future environmental outcome, that our footprints fade and our children and grandchildren remember us only by their memories of times spent together." This pretty much sums up SHP and our products. Treading lightly using natural resources.
Sustainable Hemp Products was established as a natural progression from the overwhelming desire to promote and educate people of the virtues and commonsense answers that Industrial Hemp, Bamboo, Organic Wool, Organic Cotton and other natural fibre products can provide.
We are a family business and we care about the world we are going to leave behind for our children. We believe that Hemp and other natural fibre products have some environmentally sustainable answers to the problems faced by increased consumerism in the societies in which we live. We have specialised in the baby end of town as it all starts here- education, wanting the best for your newborn child and more so we have sought to use the softest most durable, absorbent sustainable fabrics that utilise the minimum of chemicals from the farm to the factory. Our products are also made for correct fit, maximum functionality and also fashion- who said cloth nappying had to be boring. We actually physically make them ourselves and you have good old-fashioned personalised customer service when you deal with us.
A little about HEMP- FOOD, BIO-FUEL, CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, PLASTIC and STONE-LIKE PRODUCTS, FABRIC, PAPER, PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS and MORE- Hemp can provide all these diverse products. Why aren't we using it more ???? There is no rational answer to this question. The benefits of Hemp have been tested and proven throughout time. With our business we hope to encourage more people to use Hemp and other natural products as alternatives to the unfriendly products that are currently being over-utilised. We make our nappies in our circle of friends and family ensuring quality and our fabric suppliers are also Australian small businesses.
We encourage your feedback, your questions, and your knowledge also. So here's to positive contribution to the quality of our lives, our children's lives and that of our world, by being informed and making good choices.We hope your choices include Industrial Hemp and Cloth Nappies and other natural fibres products. Warmest Wishes from Michelle and family

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