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We are so  proud of our range of Modern Cloth Nappies from the tried and tested Sandman Night Nappy to the softest nappy that fits from Birth -the Bamboo Velour Lushie to our cute couture Daysies, econonical Prefolds and other accessories. Having made these products for over 6 years we bring much experience and knowledge of fit and performance using the most natural,soft and absorbent of fabrics. If a nappy has enough aborbency and gets changed regularly there is no need for plastic to be sewn in.  For waterproof covers look no further than our gorgeous wool range. Wool as a cover is not hot but its other properties are amazing and so low care. We provide much more information on natural fibre MCN'ing   in each of the categories on the home page and in each subcategory here and I am always open to any questions as we are not like the majority of Cloth Nappy businesses whose nappies contain PUL, a synthetic plastic waterproof layer.  Natural is best and Mother Nature got it all right. Cheers Michelle

 Sub Categories 
Bamboo "Sandman" Night Nappies
"Daysies" Bamboo Day Nappies - All Sizes
"Lushies" Bamboo Velour Nappies- Newborn to 6 Months
SHP "Cloth from Birth" Trial Packs
Bamboo Prefolds- 2 Sizes
Nappy Boosters
Nappy Accessories
Toy Nappies

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